Visso was created in Athens in 1989. We started as a small chocolate workshop in the area of Pangrati. At that time, our production was very small, and for a decade we served the central areas of Athens. Gradually, we expanded to the province. Then came the moment when we had to move to our own modern facilities in Gerakas, Attica, in order to meet the continuous increase in demand for our products throughout Greece.

By emphasizing the taste and excellent appearance of our products, and with continuous research of both tradition and new trends in pastry-making, we managed to gain the trust of the market. Until 2015, our customers were only wholesale in Greece, such as pastry shops, bakeries, hotels, etc. From 2016, we took our first steps in the international wholesale market, and we have been growing ever since.

In 2022, we decided to create new codes for the retail sales sector, so that consumers can experience our excellent quality and unique product flavors. Our first project is the chocolate Easter eggs, Zoo animals, and Milkys, which are the only ones on the market with chocolate paste figures. Later in the year, with the new season, we are preparing new codes to thrill both young and old.

Our company operates based on ISO 22000:2018 international standards. To achieve optimal performance, we continuously invest in the training of our employees. At the same time, we have made significant investments to ensure the production of safe and quality products.

The guaranteed high quality and excellent collaboration with our customers have brought Visso to the top of the chocolate industry in Greece.

Our vision is to gain international recognition due to the high technological production of our products, so that with consistency and passion we constantly bring new ideas to the world of chocolate and to the consumer.